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+ <reporting>
+ <plugins>
+ <plugin>
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+ <artifactId>maven-javadoc-plugin</artifactId>
+ <version>2.7</version>
+ <configuration>
+ <doctitle>${} API ${project.version}</doctitle>
+ <windowtitle>${} API ${project.version}</windowtitle>
+ <testDoctitle>${} Test API ${project.version}</testDoctitle>
+ <testWindowtitle>${} Test API ${project.version}</testWindowtitle>
+ </configuration>
+ </plugin>
+ </plugins>
+ </reporting>
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+ ---
+ Configuration
+ ---
+ ---
+ 2010
+ ---
+MOCCA Configuration
+ Since MOCCA version 1.3 {{{}commons-configuration}} is used for the main configuration of MOCCA.
+ The configuration is build by the {{{./apidocs/at/gv/egiz/bku/spring/ConfigurationFactoryBean.html} ConfigurationFactoryBean}} class. It creates a composite configuration using a default configuration read from {{{./apidocs/constant-values.html#at.gv.egiz.bku.spring.ConfigurationFactoryBean.DEFAULT_CONFIG}ConfigurationFactoryBean.DEFAULT_CONFIG}} and an (optional) resource specified by {{{./apidocs/at/gv/egiz/bku/spring/ConfigurationFactoryBean.html#setConfigurationResource(}setConfigurationResource(}}. The later {{{}resource}} is usually injected via a {{{}spring application context}}. See the configuration sections of MOCCA Online / MOCCA Local on how the configuration resource is constructed in their respective application contexts and on how to provide your own configuration file.
+* Common Configuration Options
+ A typical configuraton file looks like the following:
+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
+<MoccaConfiguration version="1.0">
+ <RegisterSecurityProviders>true</RegisterSecurityProviders>
+ <DataURLConnection>
+ <MaxHops>50</MaxHops>
+ </DataURLConnection>
+ <ValidateHashDataInputs>true</ValidateHashDataInputs>
+ <SSL>
+ <certDirectory>./certStore</certDirectory>
+ <caDirectory>./trustStore</caDirectory>
+ </SSL>
+** Supported Configuration Parameters
+ [<<<RegisterSecurityProviders>>>] Allows to controll if MOCCA should register the <required> Java {{{}Cryptographic Service Providers}}.
+ NOTE: MOCCA will only work if the required security providers are registered. If this is set to <<<false>>>, the security providers must be registered by some other means (e.g. {{{}registered staticaly}}).
+ Default: <<<true>>>
+ [<<<DataURLConnection>>>]
+ [<<<MaxHops>>>] Sets the number of consequtive requests allowed to be recieved from the {{{}DataURL}} server.
+ This allows to prevent from infinite request loops caused by erroneous server implementations.
+ Default: <<<50>>>
+ [<<<ValidateHashDataInputs>>>] Controls if to-be signed data is validated for conformity with the {{{}standardised viewer format}} auf the Austrian Citizen Card spezification.
+ Default: <<<true>>>
+ [<<<SSL>>>]
+ The following two configuration elements must provide an URL which resolves to a directory in the filesystem. It may either be an absolute URL or a relative URL, which is resolved using the URL of the configuration file.
+ [<<<certDirectory>>>] Specifies the URL of a certificate store directory. This directory must contain all certificates required to build a valid certification chain up to an anchor of trust (e.g. a certificate also contained in the trust store directory). Certificate filenames are hashed. To add new certificates to the certificate store directory create a sub-directory named <<<toBeAdded>>> and put the certificates into this directory. They will then be added to the certificate store upon startup of MOCCA.
+ Default: <<<classpath:at/gv/egiz/bku/certs/certStore>>>
+ [<<<caDirectory>>>] Specifies the URL of a trust store directory. This directory must contain all certificates considered as a root of trust.
+ NOTE: Any certificate in the trust store directory must also be present in the certificate store directory!
+ Default: <<<classpath:at/gv/egiz/bku/certs/trustStore>>>
+ [<<<sslProtocol>>>] Options: <<<TLS>>> (default) or <<<SSL>>>
+ []
+ NOTE: Do not enable the following two options in production environments!
+ [<<<disableHostnameVerification>>>] May be set to <<<true>>> disable verification of the server host name given in the server's certificate.
+ Default: <<<false>>>
+ [<<<disableAllChecks>>>] May be set to <<<true>>> to disable all TSL/SSL related checks.
+ Default: <<<false>>>
+ [<<<ProductName>>>] May be specified to set the product name given by the <<<Server>>> and <<<User-Agent>>> HTTP headers as specified by {{{}HTTP binding}}.
+ [<<<ProductVersion>>>] May be specified to set the product version given by the <<<Server>>> and <<<User-Agent>>> HTTP headers as specified by {{{}HTTP binding}}.
+ [<<<SignatureLayout>>>] May be specified to set the <<<SignatureLayout>>> HTTP header.
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<menu ref="parent"/>
+ <menu name="${}">
+ <item name="Configuration" href="configuration.html"/>
+ </menu>
<menu ref="reports"/>