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2019-11-06Bump zusetnvz Contracts to Version 2.2.008Christof Rabensteiner1-4/+4
2019-10-03Update zusemsg and zusetnvz to Newest Version & Accommodate ChangesChristof Rabensteiner4-30/+55
Upgrade zusemsg 2.2.0 to 2.2.007: - msg:RelayedViaERV - Change from boolean to complex type (ervcode). - Move from msg:DeliveryRequestStatusType/Success into msg:DeliveryRequestStatusType, which affects Success, Error, and PartialSuccess. - Was removed from DeliveryNotificationType. - Change msg:DeliveryNotification/Answer from list to singleton. - Change msg:DeliveryRequestStatusType/PartialSuccess is to type AnswerType. - msg:DeliveryRequestStatusType and msg:DeliveryNotificationType receive the attribute ID (for signature referencing). - Add new optional element msg:AustrianAdressesOnly (IndicatorType) to DeliveryRequestType/Receiver/(choice sequence). - Add new optional element ClearingProfilID to DeliveryRequestType/Sender. - Add new element ERVConfirmedDelivery, which subsitutes msg:Answer and extends msg:AbstractOperation - Has element ErvCode (also new token256 type). - Has element ERVDeliveryTimestamp. - Add new optional element TargetIdentification of type p:IdentificationType to msg:DeliveryNotification/User/ as optional element. - Add new enumeration "System" to msg:DeliveryNotification/User/Role. - Rename type AustrianLanguageType from "AustrianEthicMinorityLanguageType" to "AustrianLanguageType" and add "DE" as value. - msg:Tags were unbounded, now they are limited to 20. - VersionNumberType: Patch version can have three digits. Upgrade zusetnvz 2.2.0 to 2.2.006: - Add StandardMimeTypeList to tnvz:QueryPersonResponse and tnvz:QueryAdressabilityResponse. - Add AllStandardMimeTypes (indicator) to tnvz:PersonResult/Success. - Add optional msg:MetadataList to tnvz:PersonQueryType/Metadata tnvz:AddressabilityQueryType/Metadata. - Move tnvz:AustrianAdressesOnly to msg namespace. Carry zusemsg changes into app2mzs interface: - Switch namespace of AustrianAdressesOnly from tnvz to msg. - Add new optional element ClearingProfilID to mzs:DeliveryRequestType/Sender; Reason: Element was added to zusemsg 2.2.007. - Add new choice in mzs:DeliveryNotification to forward new answer type msg:ERVConfirmedDelivery to the app. - Move msg:RelayedViaERV from SuccessType into MessageType (now it's available to all types that derive from MessageType). Accommodate zusemsg/tnvz changes in code base: - TNVZHelper: Consider StandardMimeTypeList when assessing if DeliveryRequest/mimetypes overlap with TNVZ's Accepted Mimetypes. - Msg2MzsConverter: - Put getRelayedViaERV() into all DeliveryStatusRequest replies. - Honor that Notification/Answer is Singleton instead of List. - Handle case were DeliveryNotification/Answer is of type ERVConfirmedDeliveryType. - Remove RelayedViaERV from DeliveryNotification as this element is not available anymore. - NotificationResponse: Honor that Notification/Answer is Singleton instead of List. Fix all testcases and sample soap messages to comply with schema changes.
2019-05-06Add zusetnvz SchemaChristof Rabensteiner4-0/+620