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This section summarizes changes between MOA ZS Releases that were made in the MOA ZS codebase and in the app2mzs interfaces.
For a non-normative summary of changes that were made in the ZUSE specifications (and therefore affect MOA ZS directly and a sender application indirectly), the reader is referred to [ZUSE Specification Changelog](zusespec-changelog.md).
+### Changes MOA ZS 2.0.0 RC5
+- Bug Fix; Problem: With `perform-query-person-request` activated, MOA ZS generated a `msg:DeliveryRequest` that did not comply with the [msg] schema. Solution: Make response compliant.
### Changes MOA ZS 2.0.0 RC4
- Bug Fix: Ensure that [tnvz] QueryPersonRequest/Sender marshalls correctly (to prevents error 400).