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## Changelog
-### Changes Between MOA ZS 1.5.3 and MOA ZS 2.0.0
+This section summarizes changes between MOA ZS Releases that were made in the MOA ZS codebase and in the app2mzs interfaces.
+For a non-normative summary of changes that were made in the ZUSE specifications (and therefore affect MOA ZS directly and a sender application indirectly), the reader is referred to [ZUSE Specification Changelog](zusespec-changelog.md).
+### Changes MOA ZS 2.0.0 RC2
+- Minor Fixes in Documentation and Readme.
+- Change MOA ZS Group ID from `at.gv.zustellung` to `at.gv.egiz`.
+- Bug Fix: Booleans in [application.yaml](../src/test/resources/config/application.yaml) are parsed correctly.
+- Bug Fix: [zusemsg] and [zusetnvz] clients use SOAP 1.2 to comply with the specification.
+- Bug Fix: Change `type` property key to `filetype` in [application.yaml](../src/test/resources/config/application.yaml) such that MOA ZS receives the property value.
+- Bug Fix: Validation error was assigned to TNVZ Client, but appeared in MSG Client.
+- Upgrade [zusemsg] schema files from 2.0.0 to 2.0.007 and apply changes to codebase.
+- Upgrade [zusetnvz] from 2.0.0 to 2.0.006 and apply changes to codebase.
+- Add licenses, license headers and NOTICE.
+- Add @author tags.
+#### app2mzs interface changes
+Carry [zusemsg] 2.0.007 changes into app2mzs interface:
+- Switch namespace of `AustrianAdressesOnly` from [tnvz] to [msg].
+- Add new optional element `ClearingProfilID` to `mzs:DeliveryRequestType/Sender`;
+ Reason: Element was added to [zusemsg] 2.2.007.
+- Add new choice in `mzs:DeliveryNotification` to forward new answer of type `msg:ERVConfirmedDelivery` to the app.
+- Move element `msg:RelayedViaERV` from `SuccessType` into `MessageType` (so that it's available to all types that derive from `MessageType`).
+### Changes Between MOA ZS 1.5.3 and MOA ZS 2.0.0 RC1
For version 2.0.0, MOA ZS was rewritten from scratch. The following list summarizes the changes:
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+# MOA ZS - ZUSE Specification Changelog
+This document tracks changes between the ZUSE specifications.
+The document is not official, might not be exhaustive, does not claim correctnes and comes without warranty.
+## zusemsg
+### Changes between 2.2.0 and 2.2.007
+- `msg:RelayedViaERV`
+ - Change from boolean to complex type (ervcode).
+ - Move from `msg:DeliveryRequestStatusType/Success` into `msg:DeliveryRequestStatusType`, which affects `Success`, `Error`, and `PartialSuccess`.
+ - Was removed from `DeliveryNotificationType`.
+- Change `msg:DeliveryNotification/Answer` from list to singleton.
+- Change `msg:DeliveryRequestStatusType/PartialSuccess` to type `AnswerType`.
+- `msg:DeliveryRequestStatusType` and `msg:DeliveryNotificationType` receive the attribute ID (for signature referencing).
+- Add new optional element `msg:AustrianAdressesOnly` (`IndicatorType`) to `DeliveryRequestType/Receiver/<Choice>/<Sequence>`.
+- Add new optional element `ClearingProfilID` to `DeliveryRequestType/Sender`.
+- Add new element `ERVConfirmedDelivery`, which subsitutes `msg:Answer` and extends `msg:AbstractOperation`.
+ - Has element `ErvCode`
+ - Has element `ERVDeliveryTimestamp`.
+- Add new optional element `TargetIdentification` of type `p:IdentificationType` to `msg:DeliveryNotification/User` as optional element.
+- Add new enumeration value `System` to `msg:DeliveryNotification/User/Role`.
+- Rename type `AustrianEthicMinorityLanguageType` to `AustrianLanguageType` and add `DE` as value.
+- `msg:Tags` were unbounded, now they are limited to 20.
+- `VersionNumberType`: Patch version can have three digits.
+## zusetnvz
+### Changes between 2.2.0 and 2.2.006:
+- Add `StandardMimeTypeList` to `tnvz:QueryPersonResponse` and `tnvz:QueryAdressabilityResponse`.
+- Add `AllStandardMimeTypes` (indicator) to `tnvz:PersonResult/Success`.
+- Add optional `msg:MetadataList` to `tnvz:PersonQueryType/Metadata` and `tnvz:AddressabilityQueryType/Metadata`.
+- Move `tnvz:AustrianAdressesOnly` to [zusemsg] namespace.