tag namemocca-1.3.15 (aa70085d176cfec9672349f291b1aaccb42e2b65)
tag date2014-08-26 22:00:26 +0200
tagged byTobias Kellner <>
tagged objectcommit 7c5bade5e6...
[maven-scm] copy for tag mocca-1.3.15
Tobias Kellner (8): Add help page with TCP port info add newProxyInPackage permission to sample policy file Block some more SSL cipher suites for Java 8 Add new ATRs for supported cards, fix comments eCard G4 implementation New A-Trust certificates added Add git repo URL to pom [maven-release-plugin] prepare release mocca-1.3.15 tkellner (20): [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration Change Test HTTP Server port Enable passing CMS Signature data via reference Use current commons-fileupload Disable cookies in BindingProcessor Remove leftover import Don't use deprecated method Get rid of some unused warnings Get rid of unclosed stream warning Use current commons-configuration Allow to initialize IssuerTemplate cache via config Document configuration changes Allow 8bit as content transfer encoding for multipart/formdata Always drop exclusive card access during pin entry (not just win8) Whitespace changes Always regain exclusive access, even when pinGUI fails Concurrent card access tests work now due to recent changes Catch null trayicon event (double click) Add GCM variants to disabled ciphersuites Add pcsc jni lib for MacOS/Java 8 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iEYEABECAAYFAlP853sACgkQ7j6r7KabGzzcNwCeI0oaavJ/42WHBjg3IAovQ9AY mLQAnRH1fHUy3+yWy0ZNrGzG6dvku7D5 =eLS6 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----