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2016-11-03Workaround for finding EC OID if ECCelerate not loaded firstTobias Kellner1-1/+1
2015-10-27JavaDoc fixesTobias Kellner2-2/+2
2015-04-29Java 8 changes orderingTobias Kellner1-2/+2
2013-11-28Use newly generated JAXB classestkellner1-8/+8
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2012-10-03Close some more streamstkellner1-2/+2
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2011-09-08Comment SLUnmarshaller changes, adapt teststkellner1-2/+3
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2011-06-22License changetkellner8-114/+178
copyright headers changed/added License text added NOTICE modified git-svn-id: 8a26b1a7-26f0-462f-b9ef-d0e30c41f5a4
2010-05-05Merged feature branch mocca-1.2.13-id@r724 back to trunk.mcentner9-167/+81
git-svn-id: 8a26b1a7-26f0-462f-b9ef-d0e30c41f5a4
2009-09-29Logging issues fixed:mcentner2-0/+1207
- Added possibility to configure logging of BKUWebstart. Logging is now configured from log4j configuration deployed with BKUWebstart in a first step. In a second step the webstart launcher looks for a log4j configuration file in the user's mooca configuration directory and updates the log4j configuration. - Logging of IAIK PKI properly initialized. IAIK PKI does not mess with the log4j configuration any longer. - Changed log4j accordingly (an appender is now needed as IAIK PKI does not reconfigure log4j any longer). Added css-stylesheet to ErrorResponses issued by the BKU to improve the presentation to the user. Changed dependencies of BKUWebStart (see Issue#469 DataURLConnection now uses the request encoding of SL < 1.2. application/x-www-form-urlencoded is now used as default encoding method. multipart/form-data is used only if transfer parameters are present in the request that require a Content-Type parameter. This can only be set with multipart/form-data. This is not in conformance with SL 1.2, however it should improve compatibility with applications. Therefore, removed the ability to configure the DataURLConnection implementation class. DataURLConnection now uses a streaming implementation for encoding of application/x-www-form-urlencoded requests. XWWWFormUrlImputDecoder now uses a streaming implementation for decoding of application/x-www-form-urlencoded requests. Fixed Bug in SLResultPart that caused a binary response to be provided as parameter "XMLResponse" in a multipart/form-data encoded request to DataURL. SLCommandFactory now supports unmarshalling of SL < 1.2 requests in order issue meaningful error messages. Therefore, the marshaling context for response marshaling had to be separated from the marshaling context for requests in order to avoid the marshaling of SL < 1.2 namespace prefixes in SL 1.2 responses. Target attribute in QualifiedProperties is now marshaled. (see Issue#470 Reporting of XML validation errors improved. git-svn-id: 8a26b1a7-26f0-462f-b9ef-d0e30c41f5a4
2009-03-13git-svn-id: ↵wbauer1-4/+12
2009-02-261.1 candidate (activation)clemenso2-4/+30
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2009-02-11A-Trust activation workarounds ('sl' preFIX, empty cardchannel namespace, ↵clemenso4-1/+79
cc:Result instead of Response) git-svn-id: 8a26b1a7-26f0-462f-b9ef-d0e30c41f5a4
2008-12-23saml:AnyType workaround for xs:anyType (SubjectConfirmationData und ↵clemenso1-0/+129
AttributeValue) git-svn-id: 8a26b1a7-26f0-462f-b9ef-d0e30c41f5a4
2008-10-31Added IdentityLinkFactory to utils.mcentner5-13/+163
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2008-08-29Initial import.mcentner16-0/+940
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