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| remains (not true for provided), see BKUViewer, BKULocal and
| BKUOnline -->
- This module is used in validator(s) and viewer and is a direct dependency of
- - bkucommon (direct runtime dependency)
- - BKUViewer (transitive runtime from bkucommon)
- TextValidator depends on the fonts. (TextValidator should rather use a FontProvider)
- - BKUOnline (transitive runtime from bkucommon/bkuviewer)
- unpack-fonts to applet dir and include jar in WEB-INF/lib
- - BKULocal (transitive runtime from bkucommon/bkuviewer)
- - removed the BKUCommonGUI (runtime; propagate dependency to BKUApplet):
- no real dependency: BKUCommonGUI contains SecureFontProvider interface only
- (which does not state how fonts are loaded); implementations should depend no BKUFonts
- (ResourceFontLoader in BKULocal depends on the fonts, however URLFontLoader in BKUApplet doesn't.
- BKUOnline however depends on BKUFonts for providing the fonts as web-resource for the applet)
+ Fonts used by validators and viewers
- at.gv.egiz.bku.text.TextValidator and xxx.LocalFontProvider load fonts from classpath,
- resource name must be known, TODO: encapsulate resource loading (FontProvider constants?)
- loads (unpacked) font files from applet codebase,
- resource names _must_ be known since applet has no BKUFonts dependency